Head and Neck conditions

Cervical spondylosis

These are degenerative changes, (wear and tear), causing pain and stiffness in the neck, and possibly pain extending to the arm. As we age, the intervertebral discs dehydrate and so become thinner, reducing the size of the gap between the vertebrae. This can lead to pressure on the nerve roots as they exit between the vertebrae, causing pain. Also, the ligaments dehydrate and become stiffer, which, in turn, reduces the range of motion of the joints in the neck. Bony spurs or osteophytes tend to develop in the vertebrae; another cause of possible impingement on the nerves. As well as experiencing pain and stiffness in the neck, the patient may also develop headaches.

Prolapsed cervical disc

Usually from a jarring or twisting strain, which later causes the inner part of the disc, the nucleus pulposus, to bulge or herniate, and so put pressure on the nerve root, resulting in sharp, shooting pains with resultant numbness and/or pins and needles along the nerve root to the upper arm.

Results of road traffic accidents

Results of road traffic accidents such as whiplash injuries, caused by the head and neck being thrown backwards/forwards on impact, damaging the soft tissues of the neck, causing neck pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. (Whiplash type injuries can also occur elsewhere in the spine).


The head becomes rotated and side bent by contracture of the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the affected sided of the neck, resulting in stiffness and pain. It is often as a result of sleeping in an awkward position.

TMJ dysfunction

This is the hinge joint connecting the lower jaw to the skull. Problems at this joint may produce symptoms such as clicking of the jaw; difficulty in opening the mouth properly, problems chewing, pain in the face just in front of the ear and along the jaw, or even ear problems. Grinding of teeth, (bruxism), will also affect this joint. Stress affects this joint, as the patient tends to clench their teeth.

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