Osteopathy was founded in 1874 by an American doctor, Andrew Taylor Still, after personal tragedy caused him to pursue new methods in medicine. His pioneering work was the subject of much ridicule by other members of the medical profession. Undaunted, he continued with his work and devised this system of medicine.

Dr Still stated that the human body acts as a whole, integrated unit, and its structure and function are reciprocally inter-related and interdependent. He also stated that, given the opportunity, the body is capable of producing all substances necessary to become healthy again.

Osteopaths work in different ways, using various techniques. I use both classical and cranial techniques in my practice.

Classical osteopathy is a complete system of medicine which works to restore the structural integrity of the body. It is the system originally taught by Dr Still.The treatment is gentle, rhythmic and relaxing, and encompasses treatment of the whole body, rather than just treating the 'knee' or the 'shoulder' etc. This is because the body is seen as a whole, all parts being interdependent, and treatment restores its bio-mechanical integrity. We treat the person, not the disease, and treatment is purely by the hands of the osteopath; no machinery of drugs are used at all.

What is usually termed cranial osteopathy is a series of very gentle techniques devised by Dr William Garner Sutherland, a student of Dr Still. These techniques work with the subtle rhythms of the body to relieve stresses and strains that the body has been holding onto over many years. When the integrity of the body is restored, the patient returns to health. Physical and emotional stresses cause the body tissues to tense; these techniques alleviate these stresses and so the body returns to a balanced state of equilibrium.

Quote: 'We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony; not in one part, but as the whole.' (A. T. Still; founder of osteopathy)

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I really love treating babies who come in for a variety of reasons such as birth trauma, feeding or sleeping difficulties, colic, teething etc.

They are very reactive so respond quickly to treatment, and once a fractious baby has been treated, the whole family dynamics changes as the mother can at last relax and get some rest. Babies often need only 1-3 treatments to make a real difference.

It doesn't feel like work when I am treating babies; it feels more like playtime.


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