Shoulder conditions

Adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder)

The joint capsule of the gleno-humeral joint becomes inflamed and adhesions form in the capsule, producing pain and limited movement of the shoulder joint, including the scapula. Symptoms include an ache in the shoulder, and a sharp pain when moving the arm. The cause is usually unknown, although it may follow a shoulder injury. It tends to get worse if left unattended, and may require surgery.

Rotator cuff strains/tears

The rotator cuff consists of a group of four muscles around the gleno-humeral, (shoulder), joint which act to stabilise the shoulder joint. A strain to this area usually affects the supraspinatus muscle and produces a 'painful arc syndrome' i.e. pain to the shoulder and upper arm on abducting the shoulder, (raising the arm away from the body). A complete tear produces pain at the tip of the shoulder and the upper arm, and the patient is unable to raise the upper arm. The patient will have difficulty in raising the arm above shoulder height e.g. to brush their hair, or on reaching for something that is high up. This usually occurs as a result of a fall, generally in an older person.

Biceps tendinitis

This is caused by an irritation to the long head of the biceps tendon, and produces pain in the front of the gleno-humeral (shoulder) joint, which is aggravated when using the arm.

Nerve impingement

Nerve impingement caused by pressure on the nerve roots. Pain usually radiates from the base of the neck, across the top of the shoulder, down the arm to the forearm, possibly also into the hand and fingers.

Muscle strain

Muscle strain caused by overexertion, typically leading to pain and stiffness.

Please note

Shoulder pain may be a referred pain from the neck, elbow or viscera.

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